Development of Brace for Clubfoot therapy

Client: Undisclosed, under NDA
Project Year: 2017-2018

  • To create parametric models of infant lower leg and foot to be able to generate individualized braces based on key measurements
  • To streamline key measurement requirements
  • To speed up the workflow and improve scalability

Areas of work :

  • Development of parametric model of lower leg and foot based on key measurements
  • Development of brace based on leg model, with associated closures and fitment details
  • Development of scripts to generate Voronoi meshes over selected areas of the brace based on lightness, comfort and strength
  • Testing and comparison of generated braces against 3D scans of the limbs and manually sculpted braces

Toolset :

  • Fusion 360
  • Rhino3D + Grasshopper

Status :

The resulting cycle time per brace has gone from 30 hours of highly skilled labour to 15 mins of data operator work. The product is now under large-scale beta-testing.

Services rendered:
  • 3D Modelling
  • Process Development
  • Product Optimization