Jesal Mehta

Jesal Mehta is a Mumbai-based industrial designer, digital fabrication artist, and teacher.

He teaches and develops curriculum for Human-centred Design, mainly in the areas of Technology, Design Thinking, Interactivity and Form Studies, at NMIMS School of Design

He has worked primarily on Lighting and Healthcare products, but has also done Installations, Consumer electronics and other areas. He does Product and Process Development, and consults on production and manufacturing as well.

Being closely involved in digital fabrication, he has a line of everyday objects created where mathematics, art, pop-culture, and tech overlap, under his line The Cabinet of Curiosities.

He takes workshops on Design Thinking, Digital Fabrication, as well as creative coding in Processing and Grasshopper. He has been part of organizing and mentoring at various design competitions and hackathons as well.

He is interested in exploring the intersection of mathematics, code and art on the one hand, and the effects of history and culture on behaviour, on the other, and wonders if the two could come together.

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