Interactive Wordplay

Interactive Wordplay

Interactive WordPlay

Inspired by Peter Cho’s Wordscapes project, and with help from Daniel Shiffman’s Steering Behaviours, I am going about mixing Typography and Generative Art.

Version 1 : Recreating something similar to Cho’s Wordscape for Xenophobe, but interactive with the mouse position.

Version 2 : Instead of the mouse position being the agent of action, I coded in several basic bouncing particles.

The concept remains similar, in that the vast majority are repulsed - they fear and loathe - the few independent particles. However, this isn’t quite the same as the previouus, in that the red particles move with impunity, unaffected by the rest. So in this case, the red particles are quite representative of power and independence, while it is the rest that rush to get out of the way of the powerful.