Image Filters : Great Waves

Image Filters : Great Waves

Yet another Image Filter ! This one is meant to come out into the real world.

The brightness of the image is sampled in sections, and then a wave is drawn across the image. The amplitude and frequency of the waveform take the brightness sampling as factors. Dark regions have a shorter wavelength and a larger amplitude to fill the area with more and taller waves, while light regions have a longer, lazier wavelength with small amplitudes.

Sampling ranges and scaling factors introduce finer control and more variations.

Selectively, the amplitude or wavelength, one can be kept constant while the other one varies.

The final output is a vector file, which I eventually would like to laser-etch - on wood, for the regular dark on light, or an inverse on acrylic, for light on clear.

Other variants to code - changing the wave form. The current version has a simple zig-zag triangle wave, but square waves, sine waves if not too computationally intense, and more need to be tried !